D O I N G | at Sandy Bottom Nature Park

We celebrated our Monday off with friends at Sandy Bottom Nature Park in Hampton, VA. It’s always nice to disconnect with media and get lost with our kids in tow. From birdwatching, bug finding, stick picking, log balancing, snacking, talking, walking and ADVENTURING! It’s always replenishing getting outdoors, even in the cooler days of winter.

L I V I N G | magazine

“Honor these commandments and your marriage can be harmonious, even prosperous, whatever your income.”

source: 1968 Everybody’s Money – Magazine for Credit Union Members

J O U R N A L | the tooth fairy

Let the toothless pictures begin! As adults we would feel so insecure about loosing a front tooth, but it’s great how excited little kids are about loosing theirs. Rain lost her first tooth and she’s all smiles. She says it feels a “little weird” in the empty space her bottom tooth once lived, but I think loosing a tooth made her feel like she was growing up. Read more for my tale as The Tooth Fairy.

J O U R N A L | happy birthday

I was 18 when I gave birth to my firstborn child.

I’m 26 now. It’s been 8 years since I first became a mother.

Long before I began blogging, I was a single mother before I married my husband. It’s something I do not talk about, something most people don’t even know about me. It’s not that I’m ashamed, it’s just something I have reconciled. It was the most difficult moment of my young adult life, but it has shaped me in to the women, wife and mother I am today.

And I think that’s worth sharing with my readers.


L I V I N G | music

There’s this past time of mine that I never grow tired of doing, it’s browsing through cd’s at the store. I used to sift through them at the mall as a teenager and preview them until I found a cd to purchase. But I got older and don’t have time to sit in a music store all day, not to mention, our local mall is a complete ghost town. As an adult, I find myself picking up more music at Barnes & Noble. It’s kind of place where the kids can browse their area and we can browse ours, everyone wins. But even then, I don’t always have time to get out to the store. So, then I lose track of current music. Because it’s hard for me to keep up with unless I hear about something new by word of mouth. However, I was out and about today Christmas shopping without the family and I dropped into Barnes & Noble to pick up a few gifts. After finding a few books, legos, and puzzles for the kids, I thought I deserved to treat myself to browse the media section. I was happy to find a new album by She & Him. It’s not quite Christmas music, but the classic cover album fits perfectly in this mellow, indoor, cold weather season. Stay Awhile!